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Create Your Morning and Evening Self-

Care Ritual! Guided Breathwork

Meditations to supercharge your morning and

calm your evening. What you'll get: Two

morning guided breathwork meditations Two

evening guided breathwork meditations

Breathwork tutorials and education. Audio

format and downloadable to your device.

Listen on your own time.

In this 5-day video series, you'll get access to

my top mind-body healing practices to help

you activate the healing powers within, align

your mind, and awaken your soul’s

purpose. This self-paced series allows you to

enjoy the content from the comfort of your own

home, on your own time!

Your breath is a powerful tool for

transformation and healing. Regulate your

nervous system and reclaim your power to

activate healing, renewal, and freedom.

3-hour coaching intensive customized to your

specific goals and intentions. This is perfect

for those feeling the need for a reboot or

integration. Or use this session as a way to a

reset, strategize, integrate, and create a plan

to support your journey.

Change your life with personalized private

coaching sessions with Jen, where you'll learn

how to use the power of your breath to

unlock your true potential. Reclaim authority

over your life and create the reality you desire

by letting go of anxiety, negativity, and fear.

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