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Coaching & Online Courses

Create Your Morning and Evening Self- Care Ritual! Guided Breathwork Meditations to supercharge your morning and calm your evening. What you'll get: Two morning guided breathwork meditations Two evening guided breathwork meditations Breathwork tutorials and education. Audio format and downloadable to your device. Listen on your own time.

In this 5-day video series, you'll get access to my top mind-body healing practices to help you activate the healing powers within, align your mind, and awaken your soul’s purpose. This self-paced series allows you to enjoy the content from the comfort of your own home, on your own time!

Join the Sacred Breath Program and discover how to awaken your inner healer, calm mental chatter, and transform your life with your breath. This is your ultimate breathwork library. With selection of audio breathwork meditations, tutorials and over 2 years of live class recordings, you have everything you need for your breathwork practice!

Your breath is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. Regulate your nervous system and reclaim your power to activate healing, renewal, and freedom.

3-hour coaching intensive customized to your specific goals and intentions. This is perfect for those feeling the need for a reboot or integration. Or use this session as a way to a reset, strategize, integrate, and create a plan to support your journey.

Change your life with personalized private coaching sessions with Jen, where you'll learn how to use the power of your breath to unlock your true potential. Reclaim authority over your life and create the reality you desire by letting go of anxiety, negativity, and fear.

Must-Have Wellness Products

Brain Tap® combines a variety of proven methods that restore balance to your brain for optimal performance of mind and body. Enhance your breathwork experience with my sessions on BrainTap! Get the headset here.

Join me and other Breath Masters from around the world for breathwork anytime, anywhere. This is your virtual hub for you to gather with others to experience the power and practice of breathwork.

I have all of their devices!! If you want to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of EMFs and radiation, get Aires devices. Scientifically backed and trusted by the top experts. Use code: BREATHE for 25% off your first order!

Are you ready to take your breathing and sleeping wellness to the next level? OXA helps you do that! With Oxa, you can monitor your vital signs, learn and practice breathing techniques that can reduce stress, improve focus, optimize sleep, and enhance your overall health. Use code: JenBroyles for discount!

Optimize your mind, body, emotional, and spiritual wellness with therapeutic-grade essential oils! I've been using doTERRA since 2016, and their oils and wellness products are integral to my daily life. There is healing in these powerful plant compounds! Check out my top kits to get started + free wholesale membership and 25% off!!